The Best Apartments in Queenstown - Commonage Villas

If you’re coming to Queenstown and want the most luxurious, comfortable and stunning lodge or apartment, look no further. Commonage Villas was founded on providing only the best accommodation to those guests who enjoy the finer things in life and live it to the maximum. With you comfort in mind, these villas have been scrutinised, questioned and queried until everyone was happy, as to make sure only the best experience was possible for our guests.

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5 Things you Need for your Apartment Holiday in Queenstown

If you’re staying in an apartment in Queenstown, just like any other accommodation options, there are a few bits and pieces that can really make your stay worthwhile.

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Why Apartments in Queenstown are Better than Hotel Rooms

When deciding on where to stay, there is usually a big debate on whether to go with a hotel room or a self-serviced apartment. Everyone has their preferences and each has its own merits, so it can make the entire ordeal a little bit complicated. Hotels are brilliant for short stays and when you’re staying in a major destination, but in places like Queenstown, you’re better off booking a serviced apartment and for good reason.

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Why Lakefront Apartments in Queenstown are the Best to Stay in!

No matter the season, there’s always something on in Queenstown. It’s no wonder tens of thousands of people make the trip each year to enjoy what this incredible location has on offer. Although before visiting anywhere, you need to make the important decision of where to stay. Finding somewhere that is close enough to the centre of town but far enough to enjoy a level of privacy can be a big ask in most cities, although not here in Queenstown.

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