Christmas in Queenstown

If you are in search of the picturesque white Christmas, New Zealand may not be the destination for you! A Summer Christmas may not be what you are used to or when you picture a traditional Christmas jandals and swimming may not be the first thing to come to mind!

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Guide: Full Blown Kiwi Summer in Queenstown

Although Queenstown is a great year-round holiday destination appropriate no matter the season, kiwi’s sure know how to do Summer well! With the obvious selling point of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown makes for a pretty sweet summer and we have put together a few pointers.

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Arrowtown Long Lunch

The annual Arrowtown Long Lunch is back again for its 6th year in a row! Come along to Buckingham Street in Arrowtown on the 2nd December for a unique dining experience - the perfect way to kick of your Summer!

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Queenstown's Best Burger Joints

Queenstown is known for its thrill-seeking activities, but we also know how to do food very well, burgers in particular! Lucky for you we have made a list and are letting you all in on the local’s secret (some not so secret anymore) on where to go to get the best burgers in town.

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