Lake Wakatipu

Holding title to New Zealand’s longest lake stretching a whopping 80km in length, Lake Wakatipu occupies a single, glacier-carved trench surrounded by mountains. The lightning bolt shape of the lake means it has a “tide”, resulting in a rise and fall of approximately 10 centimetres every 30 or so minutes.

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Queenstown - The Scenic Route

Although Queenstown is full of adrenaline adventures best done at full speed, it pays to also check out some of the slower paced activities that give you the chance to appreciate the picturesque setting that is Queenstown.

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Adrenaline Rush: Queenstown at full speed

Aptly named the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown is the perfect holiday destination for those travellers hunting for adventure. Our kiwi ingenuity combined with adrenaline tendencies mean here we do everything at full speed!

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Insider Tip: Where to fuel up in Queenstown

After a long day of hitting the slopes there is nothing better than enjoying a hearty meal or grabbing quick takeaways to enjoy lakeside or take back to your room where a crackling fire awaits.

We have put together a list of our favourite places to fuel up in Queenstown:

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